Due to rapid growth, major workforce age gaps, and a large workforce population nearing retirement, traditional formal training programs that stretch over years of personal development are no longer effective. Training alone doesn’t ensure competency. New methods that combine mentoring and targeted competency development are needed to drive personal development and effectively transfer skill and knowledge from senior to the recently hired or inexperienced workforce. A formal program has been developed utilizing competency mapping and a certification process that provides clear direction for self and guided development of internal Geoscientists and Applications Engineers. This program is designed to accelerate development in areas of company core competencies, guide and align career path expectations with personal development and act as a retention mechanism for senior geoscientists by broadening technical career opportunities. The program consists of a competency map, a list of core competencies and skills that define the competency map, a formal certification process and tracking system that ensures the Geoscientist meets or exceeds the requirement for each core competency, and guidance counselors (mentors) who oversee the Geoscientist through the entire certification process. Nine standard geoscience certifications and six advanced geoscience certifications are offered in areas of Geology, Geophysics, Geomechanics, Formation Evaluation and Petrophysics, Reservoir Navigation, Integrated Pressure Management, Wellbore Integrity, Completions and Production, and Reservoir Engineering. The program is flexible and efficient. It fosters personalized development plans through engagement between mentors and candidates and ensures learning and development specifically targets areas where skill gaps exist. It also provides an essential tie between competency development, required peripheral training and the Geoscience and Applications engineering career ladder.


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