This presentation describes an organic geochemical analysis of the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous (Tithonian to Valanginian) Sulaiy Formation in the Basrah region in southern Iraq. Samples from six wells were used to analyze thermal maturation and measure sedimentary organic matter parameters. The analyses included quantitative studies such as elemental analysis, pyrolysis, fluorescence spectroscopy (ultra-violet) and total organic carbon (TOC). Additionally, qualitative studies involved textural microscopy that was used in evaluating amorphous organic matter for palynofacies analysis leading to hydrocarbon assessments. The Sulaiy Formation was rated as a source rock for oil with some gas because of its high TOC content and mature organic matter. The kerogen is type II of mesoliptinic type. The Sulaiy Formation is also recognized as a source rock, not only in Iraq, but also in neighboring Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


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