Due to concentration of petroleum potentiality studies in south and southwest of Iran, It is necessary<br>to evaluate the potential of other areas especially some parts of Central Iran which have thick<br>sedimentary strata and sometimes organic matter potentiality (e.g. Qom, Shemshak formations) and<br>exploitation possibility from this huge resources to be matter of interest of economic administrators of<br>the country. Compilation and analysis of all information in a suitable environment and exploration<br>moulding will lead to assessment of satisfactory petroleum zones for further studies. Therefore, in Qom<br>- Ardestan Area which bearing high amount of petroleum and gas is explored in here. After studying<br>the geology of this area, segregation of the area anticlines as trap layer, faults as migration layer and<br>the whole Qom formation and its prospect member (C3) as reservoir rock took place. In organic<br>geochemistry discussion, considering three dimensional thermal model, vitrinite reflectance values, and<br>total organic carbon in different wells in the area, we derived the maturity and geochemical layers. The<br>result of these researches is preparing 9 information layers including geochemical, geological, maturity,<br>and structural layers. These layers were integrated by a knowledge based fuzzy method. Modeling<br>based on this method was made using 22 educational points. The out put was settlement of 100% of<br>drilled wells in area with high potential in this model. The areas with high potential for further<br>exploration drilling are defined in the studied area.


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