We have recently developed a localized prestack depth migration workflow based on proprietary<br>technology that is equivalent to Gaussian Beam migration. This workflow enables the 3D prestack<br>seismic depth imaging of a target volume within a few hours or even minutes. The work flow can be<br>performed on a single workstation or a cluster of compute nodes, and the quality of the results is very<br>good, consistently better than Kirchhoff, WEM, and beam migrations. In contrast to conventional<br>workflows that typically require weeks or even months for an updated prestack seismic depth<br>migration volume to be produced, the new toolkit provides a near real-time solution to prestack depth<br>imaging. The migration works for both isotropic and anisotropic velocity models (VTI and TTI), and<br>handles data acquired with narrow or wide azimuth acquisition geometries. Real data examples are<br>presented here to demonstrate the new workflow.


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