Recent challenges in the global economy call for efficiency in all aspects of the oil and gas exploration<br>and exploitation processes. The South Oman Salt Basin comprises of over 7 km basin fill complex with<br>a mix of clastics, carbonates and evaporites deposited over a period of 600 million years. The<br>prospective sequence of isolated Ara carbonate stringers occurs near the base of the mobile Ara Gp<br>evaporates that constitute the main structural control on both intra-salt and post-salt deposits. The<br>area lacked good quality seismic data for consistent interpretation of the self-sourced Ara carbonate<br>stringers. The low confidence in seismic picks, culminating into broad depth uncertainty ranges, in<br>prospecting for the sometimes tectonically altered stringers necessitated a new fit-for-purpose seismic.<br>The recent acquisition of wide azimuth (WAZ) seismic data over the greater Birba area brought relief in<br>exploring and developing the Ara play. By deploying receivers over a large area (8 x 12 km), the WAZ<br>geometry allows sampling of the complete wave-front reflected from the subsurface. This improvement<br>comes with the associated challenge of multi-data cube interpretation, huge IT infrastructure<br>requirements and the need for 24 hours operations. Evaluation of the WAZ seismic (first delivery)<br>showed improvement in ease of interpretation (loop definition and continuity), better structural<br>definition, enhanced attributes (frequency and amplitude) and improved well-to-seismic matches. This<br>implies a more consistent interpretation of Top Salt with the added value of an improved depth<br>conversion of the intra-salt carbonate stringers. The new WAZ seismic data increased the confidence in<br>the exploration and development evaluation of the Ara stringer play. The improved subsurface imaging<br>will improve our subsurface de-risking efficiency.


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