At the base of the Burgan oil column (near OOWC) a zone of significantly heavier oil column has been<br>observed in some of the wells. A study was undertaken with respect to the heavy oil occurrence to<br>assess the possible processes that could lead to the formation of heavy oil in the Cretaceous reservoirs<br>of the Burgan and Wara formations. The occurrence of heavy oil in the Greater Burgan Field can be<br>explained by a combination of multiple processes.<br>The study demonstrated hydrocarbon charging by two possible source rocks. Besides the well known<br>Makhul source, role of Kazhdumi source in charging the reservoir was brought to the fore. The<br>Kazhdumi Formation, a time equivalent of Burgan Formation was deposited in a more distal area of the<br>Dezful Embayment of the Zargos Fold Belt northeast of Kuwait and is a proven, good to excellent<br>source rock in the Iranian Zargos Fold Belt.<br>The initial charge history causes a special distribution of heavy components in the Greater Burgan<br>Field, which might be the reason for the occurrence of heavy oil mainly in the high permeable layers.<br>As these components are transported in a liquid phase, additional processes are needed to explain the<br>heavy oil distribution. There are strong hints, that water washing, supported by the strong edge water<br>drive, can explain the occurrence of heavy oil in several wells that are positioned in areas of a paleo oil<br>-water contact. Long preservation times of the main accumulations in the Burgan, Magawa and Ahmadi<br>fields are likely to cause gravity segregation within the oil columns of these older accumulations.<br>Biodegradation is believed to have only a limited influence on the heavy oil occurrence.<br>This study will provide an in depth insight into the heavy oil distribution in the Greater Burgan field , a<br>key element in the future development plan.


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