The study area is located in one of the most hydrocarbon reservoir of Iran offshore in the Persian Gulf.<br>Exploration data proved the presence of hydrocarbon in Cretaceous interval of the Zagros Basin.<br>Because the Kazhdumi formation with predominant black shale lithology is the most effective source<br>rock of Dezful Embayment that is reached to the oil window, this formation was the first candidate for<br>a potential source interval in the study area. So this formation was sampled from depth interval of 985<br>to 1098 m from cuttings of boreholes 2 and 3. Via Rock-Eval pyrolysis, 22 samples were analyzed. TOC<br>content of these shale samples varies from 0.12 to 1.2 wt. %. Rock-Eval results (e.g. HI vs. Tmax)<br>represent that Kazhdumi formation comprises type II-III kerogens and didn’t pass through the oil<br>window (Ro < 0.5) in this region. Accordingly, it is concluded that Kazhdumi formation had no<br>contribution to any hydrocarbon generation in the study area and an alternative possible source rock<br>may be considered for further investigations.


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