This paper will present the case that real-time enabled data management, data mining and<br>petrotechnical work processes act as a solid foundation for 21st Century oil and gas exploration and<br>production work processes and can help oil and service companies make better quality decisions in<br>shorter time periods.<br>Studies by industry bodies along with cost benefit measurements have demonstrated that<br>implementation of real-time data management processes within integrated operations facilities can<br>provide hydrocarbon extraction and service companies with significant savings (e.g. CERA, 2003).<br>The implementation of real-time data feeds into integrated operations facilities to support and manage<br>offshore and remote operations have helped address several key strategic industry issues including:<br>- High costs for drilling operations - including measurement and understanding of non-productive time<br>(NPT) and invisible lost time<br>- Quality drilling data management practices from well spud to completion<br>- Reduction in the experience level of offshore crews<br>- Scarcity of experienced personnel across the oil industry<br>- The demographic profile for oilfield personnel, with a large scale “shift change” projected within 10 years


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