Since 2003 the Saudi ARAMCO Exploration Data Management Division has been working to support<br>Document Management in the Exploration Organization. The task of discovering and archiving<br>documents in today’s diverse and busy E&P environment is particularly challenging. To meet this<br>challenge, we developed a framework for document management, and deployed an integrated system<br>that provides Exploration staff with several methods for document archiving. The framework provides<br>the workflow and the system provides document archiving options ranging from a simple drag-and<br>drop application to customized web applications.<br>The framework requires that quality control (QC) is applied to metadata for each document to ensure<br>consistent and reliable search results. Web applications allow QC staff to view both the document and<br>its metadata, and correct the metadata when necessary. The applications are underlain by OracleTM<br>for recording the existence of documents (document discovery), and progress through the workflow.<br>The system provides simplified audit and activity reporting. DocumentumTM is used for document and<br>metadata archive and search. Ultimately, the system provides for document searches that differentiate<br>between large numbers of similar documents as rapidly as possible.


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