The Petrophysical studies carried out in the Laboratories; generate sets of data on Porosity,<br>Permeability, Relative and Effective permeability for effective exploitation of the reservoir. These data<br>are generated by doing experiments on core plugs which were plugged out from different well cores<br>owing to different reservoir sands. As we know that the cores are cut by the rotating and chipping<br>actions of the bit, each peripheral particle lying on the peripheral portion of the core experiences a<br>tremendous frictional force due to the rotational effect of the bit resulting in a tremendous heat<br>generation along the peripheral part. These phenomena may occur for small time duration but this will<br>have a definite impact and can change the original orientation of the particles lying in the periphery.<br>The over all data on porosity, permeability, relative and effective permeability thus generated can have<br>an erroneous factor through its generation. The error occurs again as a second obliteration when core<br>plugging job is carried out. The job which is similar to drilling and coring job in a smaller magnitude.<br>This again resulted in changing the original orientation of the particles lying in the peripheral part of<br>the core plug. Under tremendous amount of frictional force and temperature of high magnitude these<br>peripheral particles lose some of their original petrophysical properties as well as orientations. Where<br>as during the petrophysical studies at the laboratories we never consider these changes made through<br>the making of plugs and the petrophysical data generated there after is bound to be erroneous with<br>varying magnitude. So by using a suitable constant during these processes which can be calculated to<br>the nearest approximation by taking the amount of frictional forces, amount of heat generated and the<br>mineralogical composition and rock type of the core/ plug involved during the processes. These<br>corrections will help for better representation of the petrophysical characters leading to efficient<br>Reservoir exploitation and future exploration activities through better data management.


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