Successful field development planning requires effective mitigation of geological uncertainties through integration of available G&G data and this has been the case for Jambu Liang faulted anticline (figure 1) which is currently operated by Petrofac Malaysia. Jambu Liang faulted anticline initiated by Cendor development in 2006 has been very prolific despite initially thought to be marginal. Following the success of Cendor, in 2008/2009 Petrofac resume the appraisal of fault blocks to the west and this appraisal campaign has lead to a potential new development of the West D fault block. For an effective development of the fault block, understanding reservoir characters and distribution especially in the prolific Group H reservoir which is geologically complex, is crucial.<br>Amongst the challenges inherent in the block is how to effectively delineate reservoir quality and sand continuity especially at poor seismic quality areas where most seismic response has been attenuated by presence of shallow gas (figure 2).


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