Direction des Resources Hydrauliques (DRH) drilled water well in Boujdour N° ANGER 1181/120, located at approximately 2.7 km in the North-East of Boujdour and at 50-100 m in the east of the Laâyoune-Boujdour road; Western Sahara Desert, Morocco. On test oil was encountered along with water, as a direct result PETRONAS Carigali Morocco Sdn Bhd. in collaboration with state owned oil company ONHYM decided to evaluate this area geologically for its hydrocarbon potential. The aims and objectives of the study were to carryout detailed sedimentological and basin modelling study to determine the depositional environment of expected reservoirs, hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation within reservoir horizons. But here we will discuss only<br>sedimentology of the basin that will explain reservoir characterisation, distribution and geometry within the study area. Sedimentological investigation was planned in onshore Laayoune-Tarfaya area, in-order to understand the reservoir distribution, facies interpretation and depositional environment of major synrift and post rift mega sequences.


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