The presence of gas cloud in the Malay Basin has always been a topic to be discussed when it comes to imaging the subsurface. Gas cloud has caused compression (P-waves) data acquired to suffer from poor data quality due to higher attenuation of P-waves, wavefront distortion which caused by low velocity distribution within the gas bodies and transmission losses. Converted shear wave (P-S waves) data from multicomponent acquisition allows images to be obtained that are unobstructed by the gas and/or fluids (Thomsen et. al 1997, Granli et. al 1999). In addition, rock properties can be uniquely determined from the compressional and shear data, allowing for improved reservoir characterization and lithologic prediction. This paper will discuss method for determining the optimal parameters of the velocity (V) and density (ρ) within the gas cloud for further input into P-S waves imaging.


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