Exploration since 1960s has made Malay Basin be a matured petroleum province. Most of the large structural traps have already been drilled by PSC contractors. Booking reserves in Malay Basin has been becoming more and more challenging in recent years. The paper will present a recent success application of seismic technology in the big gas discovery by Petronas. It encourages explorationists to apply the comprehensive technology for prospect generation in the remained large potential of Malay Basin.<br>X structural trap was revealed in FY 08/09 prospects scanning. It is a “subtle” or “hidden” trap because it can’t be detected on seismic sections or Two-Way-Time maps. But further seismic attributes analysis suggested that there are “slant spots”, class II/III AVO, phase change, low frequency, and amplitude shut off with possible structural trap contours. All above phenomenon is proven with gas bearing by nearby fields. 3D PSTM seismic RMS velocity is used to build a comprehensive velocity model. A large structural trap emerges in the depth maps from D to Lower E groups. “Slant spots” become “flat spots”. Seismic amplitude and isopaches with geology study also suggest that the reservoirs are better developed than those in the nearby field. X-1 well successfully tests the potential of the prospect. The total net gas pay from D to E group is over 150 meters. DST tests tell that CO2 content is only 4-9% in Lower E section. Post drill review further reveals that the seismic pull down section is because of the shallow gas cloud and thick gas reservoir column. The significance of the big discovery is as following: 1) Right approach of current technology still can find big field in the matured Malay Basin. 2) There are opportunities to look for big structural prospect in the “subtle” trap area of Malay Basin.


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