In the petroleum systems ,understanding the process of sedimentation and paleogeography, which control the distribution and quality of source rocks ,reservoirs and cap rocks is necessary. Although climatic conditions, transgressions and regressions control the oxic and anoxic conditions but some geological settings and their structural history are considerable for sedimentation of source rocks. In this study ,using the neural network TOC value of Eocene pabdeh formation in northern Dezful Embayment is located in the Zagros petroliferous province is calculated relationship between TOC and basement faults was studied. The basement of Dezful Embayment is not integrated, and has staircase status. Northern part of this area is bounded by MFF(mountain frontal fault), ZFF(zagros foredeep fault) ,Balarud and Hendijan basement faults. The Separation of blocks by thrust faults caused differences in rate and type of sediments. Tectonic phases and depth variations have affected lithofacies pattern and in result of,They played role in organic content of rocks. The reactivation of faults specially in Hendijan lineament and vicinity to palaeohighs caused for increasing of geothermal gradient and maturation in pabdeh formation that presumably have led to enhance oil production locally and consequently, decreased TOC % in some oil wells.


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