PCPL is the operator of the Mehar Block since 29th December 1999. The area in geological terms represents the first line of fold belt coming out of foredeep to the east. The current interpretation of the Kirthar Fold Belt (KFB) is of thick-skinned tectonics involving preexisting extensional faults developed during late cretaceous times (Dr. J Warburton, Nov. 2000)and Mehar - Mazarani Fold Belt (MMFB) is part of the KFB . However, in order to develop a better understanding of the evolution of the MMFB, it is desirable to develop an understanding of the configuration of the basement and overlying sediments through times. An attempt is being made to integrate surface geology, well data, 2D seismic data and other parts of the Pakistan basin as analogue to build a model that would help in understanding the relationship between the structural geology and stratigraphy of area through time. This would eventually help in determining new Play fairway of this area.


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