This case history is an example of how a seismic reservoir characterization project can be successfully executed even in areas of very challenging seismic with a low signal to noise ratio. Additionally the study shows how this is achieved by close cooperation of the Inversion and Data Processing experts involved. Through calibration of the well data with the seismic, the Inversion could quantify the quality of the seismic data and help the data processing geophysicists define parameters and processes that could<br>be used to further pre-condition the pre-stack data and bring it to the point where it was suitable for the inversion process. This not only made the subsequent Inversion process more successful, by delivering more reliable results, but the calibration process also helped quantify the need, or otherwise, for additional data processing, and to quantify the benefit then obtained. This study thus completed an integrated project that, although stretching from acquisition in 2005, through data processing in 2006, to the Inversion in 2007, did finally constitute an integrated seismic solution from Acquisition to reservoir characterization, completed by cooperation between WesternGeco and Petrotrin of Trinidad and Tobago.


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