CO2 storage potential for Poland has been assessed under FP6 EU GeoCapacity project and these works were initiated in FP6 CASTOR project. Then domestic research has been carried out, especially ongoing National Programme(2008-2012). In the National Programme both regional studies based on all archive data available and six detailed case studies are conducted. The studies include laboratory analyzes on drill core samples. The goal is to produce "high" realistic storage capacity estimations together with matched capacity estimations. As a result information necessary for future exploration permits for potential CO2 storage sites is expected. The realistic storage capacity for Poland is certainly above 10 Gt which makes a few times bigger value than calculated in EU GeoCapacity. On the other hand matched capacity (injection scenaria) values for particular structures might be a small fraction of realistic capacity. In case of hydrocarbon fields the discrepancy is not so high but in case of saline aquifers, where safety precautions additionally might force us to make strict constraints due to insufficient knowledge about the structure in question or possible conflicts of interest, only a small fraction of storage capacity might remain. Same rule refers to storage in un-mineable coal beds (CO2-ECBMR).


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