The stress analysis results in this study (by analytical method, for seismic and field data) have shown that there are two compressional stresses (NE-SW and NW-SE directions) in E-Azerbaijan Microplate. First stress system by NE-SW direction causes development of three tectonic grains, Arasbaran, Ahar and Bozkosh thrust sheets (fig. 3a). While, the second one (NE-SE direction stress system) causes the development of thrusts in N-S direction. Results show that thrusting leads to the development of tear faults in N-S and NE-SW directions with dextral strike-slip mechanisms. Also, development of young geological structures has good consistency with stress state in this area. These results could be developed as recent tectonic model of E-Azerbaijan. In this model materials are compressed in four sides of the E-Azerbaijan lozenge, while structures and materials escaped from north and Southern parts of this lozenge (fig. 3). The state of multiple stress system and the escape of material impose a left-lateral rotation to the E-Azerbaijan microplate (Fig. 3-b).


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