In this preliminary study, crustal structure of Eastern Black Sea is investigated using single station Rayleigh wave group velocity inversion method. For this purpose, we have used the earthquake data recorded on KOERI (Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute) broad band stations (BZK, CORM, KVT, RSDY) of earthquakes occured in Caucasus and Georgia. Magnitudes of these earthquakes range from 4.2 to 5.8 Mb. MFT analysis (Hermann, 2002) are performed on the Rayleigh wave recordings to calculate group velocities in the period range of 4 - 50 sn. Inversion of Rayleigh wave group velocities are carried out using SURF96 computer program of Herrmann (2002) based on SVD technique. According to inversion results, the crustal thickness of the region varies between 40 km at the land and 35 km at the offshore part of Eastern Black Sea. It is clearly seen that the crustal thickness decreases from land to offshore. The results obtained in this preliminary study are compatible with previous studies.


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