The accurate extraction of 3D geobodies that represent geological features is a fundamental aspect of seismic interpretation. Currently this can be achieved using volumetric threshold based extraction techniques, or autotracking / region growing from a seed-point and tracked on a threshold limit or range. Advances in colour blending techniques (such as volumetric RGB) have allowed the extraction of geobodies utilising three volume channels. This has enabled greater control over the extraction process but can still be unreliable in the presence of noise or variations in the expression of a geological feature. To address this issue we have developed an innovative technique which allows geobodies to be grown on single or multi attribute data that is many times more reliable than existing geobody delineation methods whilst still being extremely simple to apply. The technique is based on a sophisticated analysis of local data statistics that is robust to changes in expression and noise. This data driven technology is combined with intuitive manual manipulation tools that enables on the fly 3D editing of geobodies in data areas where data driven techniques alone are not sufficient. Confidence values computed at every point on the geobody surface are displayed to provide direct visual feedback to the interpreter on how well the geobody is fitting to the data, which in turn helps the interpreter edit the geobody more accurately. This unique technique (patent pending) has enabled accurate extraction of geobodies in areas where all other commercially available techniques have failed. This includes braided channel systems and interconnected karst systems. In this paper we will present a selection of results from different geological settings which illustrate the interpretive advantage of this technique.


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