AeroTEM is a helicopter time-domain electromagnetic system which is characterized by a rigid structure and by its ability to collect interpretable on-time data. These design factors facilitate effective surveying in any terrain for the acquisition of robust data sets.<br>The flexibility of a helicopter platform and the rigid nature of the structure which houses the transmitter and receiver make the system effective for surveying for a wide variety of purposes under virtually any terrain conditions. The on-time dB/dt response decays extend the sensitivity of the system to highly conductive targets such as nickel and copper sulphides. These on-time data are provided as decays in both the X and Z components. The AeroTEM system also provides off-time data for the measurement of less conductive and more resistive geologic features. Surveys in mineral exploration for metallic ores and for mapping programs attest to the general applicability of the AeroTEM system. Surveys completed for conventional and non-conventional petroleum exploration properties demonstrate the wide variety of uses that an HTEM survey with magnetics and radiometrics can provide.


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