The goal of this work is the geophysical characterization of three gold-mineralized targets and their surrounding areas located in the eastern portion of the Alta Floresta Gold Province, central eastern Brazil. The gold targets are called Naiuram-Gilberto, Pedro Costin and Gauchinho/Peteca. The study area is comprised mainly of granitic rocks, which were individualized in this work as granitoids and granites, gabbros and recent alluvial deposits. Local magnetic anomalies suggested the need for an integrated interpretation among the targets, which is supported by the knowledge of the regional geological context where some gold occurrences are controlled by large and elongated structures. The integrated maps allowed identification of NEE-SWW lineaments that may be associated with the EW structures of the Cachimbo and Caiabis grabens. It is also possible to infer about the location of ore bodies along lithological contacts around Naiuram-Gilberto and Gauchinho/Peteca Targets. Similar behavior of the magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies near an NE-SW elongated source occurs particularly for the Naiuram-Gilberto Target, probably due to continuation of a lode previously explored. Low conductivity zones extending to a depth of 30 m were mapped for the three targets.


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