The study area belongs to Chihuido de Ia Sauna Norte y Centro Norte fields is situated in The Neuquen Fold and Thrust Belt, where the structural complex is due to fault bend fold anticline with high dips limbs and compartmentalized blocks because of inverse and transcurrents faults in different scale orders. It describes the workflow used to generate the integrated geological model of the tectonic compressed area with the representation of the reservoir at unit flow level. To interpret the Structural Model new process where used, from where it was obtained better quality of the image of the seismic cube and its depth migration. The seismic interpretation was complimented with 122 wells data and Structural 2D. The Integrated Structural Model in RMS was suitable to construct 3D fan grids. From the Petrophysic Model the Facies Model was used; which was represented by “Rocks Types” according to the pore throat size. They represent the reservoir units flow directly. The geological model was made by integrating the structural, stratigraphic and Petrophysic models. The Gaussian Conditional Simulation technique to represent the distribution of the Petrophysic properties that follow the Fades Model generated through an Indicator Variables Simulation. The results where orientated to the creation of exportable grids to be used in the Reservoir Dynamic Model. The aim of the model is to characterize the reservoir and its units flow so as they could be used in the monitoring of the Secondary Recovery and the implementation of a project of alternate water and CO2 gas flooding in miscible conditions.


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