Many gas pipeline companies in China is always puzzled by the problem that how to determine the gas pipeline<br>pigging cycle. They are often in a dile mma. On the one hand, If the pipeline piggin g work is done timely, the<br>efficiency of pipelin e can be improved and the e conomic benefit can b e increased. Ex cept that, all kinds of<br>impurities, liquid and di rt in the pipelin e are remov ed timely, and som e pipeline accidents such as i ce blocks,<br>corrosion of pipe s can be prevented. On the othe r hand, In order to e nsure the pipeli ne pigging safety an d<br>effectiveness, the pipeline ope rating pressure is reduced than normal. Pipeline flow rate will be greatly affected.<br>And in the process of pipeline pigging operations may also cause the pipe is worn, or even cause pipeline rupture<br>accident.


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