Although a stimulation technique, the hydraulic fracturing process can also cause damage to the reservoir in a variety of ways. These damage mechanisms cannot be completely eliminated, but by careful examination of their individual characteristics and effects on production, focus can be placed on minimizing the most critical factors. This paper presents the results of a sensitivity study of numerous reservoir properties and operational control variables on fracture effectiveness and production from a fractured gas well. Simulations are based on a newly developed mathematical model for hydraulic fracture propagation and cleanup processes, combined with reservoir simulation. The numerical simulation model considers a three-dimensional reservoir which can either be homogenous or heterogeneous. The created fracture is extended with time and the corresponding leak-off effects on the near wellbore and far-field area are assessed. Two-phase flow equations, both in the fracture and in the surrounding matrix, are used to evaluate behavior during the fracture propagation and production/clean-up periods. The developed simulation model is validated by history matching with actual field performance from a fractured gas well. The history matched results are used as a base case for the study. The sensitivity results show the creation of different leak-off profiles and the effectiveness of corresponding cleanup processes. Results indicate that shut-in time between end of fracture propagation and beginning of flowback is critical due to imbibition of fracturing fluids. Additionally, heterogeneity of the reservoir has a significant effect on cleanup profiles. Not only does that this study provide significant insight into phenomena happening on the fracture face and inside the reservoir, it and the developed simulator can also be used as a tool for hydraulic fracturing design or post-stimulation evaluation.


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