Scientific investigation on the South Atlantic Geomagnetic Anomaly (SAGA) was started under collaboration of Federal University of Santa Maria, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, INPE from Brazil and National Institute of Polar Research, Kyushu University, Communication Research Laboratory in addition to 5 institutions from Japan. It is aimed at investigating geomagnetic phenomena, such as micro pulsation, ionospheric phenomena, such as radio wave absorption, and aeronomic phenomena, such as airglow enhancement and ozone depletion due to particle precipitation. The cooperative studies were started on December 1996, with installation of a Riometer (32.8 MHz), ELFNLF receiver, VLFILF receiver, and high sensitive auroral TV camera. All of the instruments are installed at San Martino Space Observatory, RS. Preliminary ionospheric data were already produced and under analyzing phase. Some scientific interests and collaboration scheme will be discussed.


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