A011 THE AKSHABULAK CHANNEL MODEL – AN INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO HANDLE COMPLEX RESERVOIRS SUMMARY AND INTRODUCTION S.BALTRUSCH 1 L.BELLMANN 1 R.KLÖCKNER 1 E.ØYVANN 2 R.THRÄNHARDT 1 1 EEG – Erdgas Erdöl GmbH Zimmerstaße 56 10117 Berlin Germany EAGE 66 th Conference & Exhibition – Paris France 7 – 10 June 2004 1 2 Schlumberger Aslakveien 14A 0753 Oslo Norway. This paper describes the modeling of the Upper Jurassic Yu 0/Yu I channel sandstones of the Akshabulak field. The Akshabulak oil field is located in the South Turgay Basin in Kazakhstan (fig. 1). The field was discovered in 1989 proving oil


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