B036 DEFORMATION AND SEDIMENT TRANSFER ALONG THE WEST AFRICAN MARGIN: II. ORIGIN OF VERTICAL MOTIONS. 1 O. DAUTEUIL 1 M. LEROY 1 M. GUIRAUD 2 D. ROUBY 1 AND N. ELLOUZ 3 1 UMR-CNRS 6118 Géosciences Rennes université de Rennes 1 35042 Rennes CEDEX 2 CNRS UMR 5561 Biogeosciences-Dijon Université de Bourgogne 6 bd Gabriel F21000 Dijon (France). 3 IFP 1-4 av Bois Préau 92852 RUEIL MALMAISON CEDEX Introduction The behaviour of sedimentary systems over geological times remains a very important question in the understanding of the geometry of sedimentary basins and the associated reservoirs because they ensure the erosion


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