Characteristics of sediment distribution and layering in freshwater settings is of importance to the dredging industry and for a range of geological, environmental, and engineering studies. The literature on acoustic sub-bottom investigations is extensive. Recent field studies include Scott (personal communication), Larocque (1987), and Klassen and Shilts (1982). Hampton and Anderson (1974) discuss acoustical properties of saturated sediments and include an extensive bibliography. Several studies have used short-pulse radar for observations in lakes and streams (Annan & Davis, 1977; Haeni et al; 1987; Gorin & Haeni, 1989; Truman et al; 1991; Beres & Haeni, 1991; Kovacs, 1991; Delaney et al; 1991). Recently, Sellmann et aI. (in press) reported on the use of a short-pulse radar assembled specifically to profile sub-bottom sediments beneath freshwater bodies.


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