As part of the Brazilian Antarctic Program (PROANTAR) , a team of PETROBRÁS geologists and geophysicists conducted two marine geophysical surveys and a geologic field season aiming to contribute to the understanding of the geologic evolution of the region off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The broad structure of the region was investigated by two marine geophysical expeditions held in the austral summers of 1987 and 1988, between Adelaide and Elephant islands (Gamboa et aI, 1990). The geological field work took place in January of 1989 in the Melville Peninsula, at the northern tip of King George Island, South Shetland Islands, where outcrop sediments probably deposited during the early stages of the formation of the Bransfield Basin (Moby Oick Group) (Barrocas et aI, 1990; Figure 1 and 2).


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