A few deep seismic reflection profiles, using conventional acquisition equipment, were shot in Campos Basin in the last decade. These lines (Seismic Survey 203) were processed to 10 s TWT (two-way travel time) using standard processing techniques. Early in 1990, Petrobrás approved an extensive program of deep seismic reflection lines offshore the Brazilian Atlantic margin (Seismic Survey 239). The lines of this program were shot in the first semester of 1990 using special equipment onboard the seismic ship GECO ALPHA. In the Southeastern region of Brazil (from Espírito Santo to Rio Grande do Sul), the total coverage amounts to 4884 km. Briefly and in a preliminary form, some of the main features to be investigated by this survey will be discussed. Processing, which includes migration to 18 s TWT, was initiated in the second semester of 1990 and will be completed by 1991.


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