The method is based on the symmetric splitting of the wave operator in inhomogeneous media. In each step of calculation the propagation effect and scattering effect call be treated separately. The forward-scattering effect can be equivalented to passing through a phase-screen. At each point of the screen, the wavefront is distorted by the amount corresponding to the integral of slowness perturbations along the propagation path. The method offers a fast algorithm for 3-D wave propagation in inhomogeneous media. In order to check the validity and accuracy of the method, we compare the results by this method for sorne canonical cases, e.g. the acoustic wave scattering by a Gaussian heterogeneity, and by a circular cylinder, with those calculated by finite difference. The results show that the method can calculate the one-way wave propagation with good accuracy and the computation speed is considerably faster than the finite difference algorithm. Besides, the method requires much less storage space, and therefore make it a promissing tool for 3-D wave datum processing.


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