While propagation through complicated media seismic signal passes such singularities as points of focusing and caustics having changed its shape with accordance to Hilbert transformation. Is this distortion compensated at reverse wave field continuation? If it is not, does one have possibility to apply a filter-corrector under the condition that geometry of the reflector is unknown? The positive answer for the last question is given in the paper. First, it is shown that reversed wave field continuation automaticaly compensates influence of the singularities that appear due to reflector's geometry.This fact is independent on the kind of pattern used for migration. Second, knowing the velocity model of overburden it is easily to construct a filter-correctcr which compensate influence of other singularities. The result is derived from analysis of the migration integral and Kirchhoff's approximation of reflection wave with help of the method o:f discontinuities recently developed by thla author.


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