Seismic migration and inversion describe a class of closely related processes sharing common objectives and underlying physical principles. Born inversion represents a feasible approach in reflection seismic data processing, besides it is closely related to classical migration concepts. Born approximation leads to a linear integral equation relating data and scallering potential, but neglect multiple scattering. Applicalion of high-frequency approximation leads to simple relations between Born inversion, (F-K) frequency wavenumber migralion and Kirchhoff migration. We assumeme a model. of the subsurface characterized by weak fluctuation in velocity, adopting a comanl reference velocity and negligible density variations. We deal with common·midpoint stacked data, that can be considered as an approximation of a zero-offset data. In this paper we attempt to review, theoretically, the relationship between wave-equation migration and wave equation inversion, and present some numerical examples of Born seismic migration-inversion.


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