In this paper, we give a deterministic estimation scheme for an arbitrary (i.e. mixed delay) source wavelet and the reflectivity of a stack of horizontal layers. From a marine vertical double-streamer seismogram the wavelet estimation and the deconvolution can be performed without any a priori information on the souree pulse or the reflection coefficients of the layers. For this purpose, the recordings at two depth levels in the uppermost (water) layer (see Fig.1) are decomposed in their plane wave contributions. The decomposition lead's to the consecutive recovery of the medium reflectivity and the source wavelet in the slowness-frequency (p -w)-domain. The proposed scheme is based completely on the point source response of a layered acoustic medium (bounded by a free surface above and a homogenous half-space below) given by the wave equation (see Ziolkowski et al. (1987), Tygel and Hubral (1987), Tygel et al. (1991)).


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