A full-day workshop (Workshop 3) will take place at the 2nd Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society in order to introduce seismologists in Mexico, the Caribbean and South and Central America to the International Seismological Observing Period (ISOP). The project is designed co produce a high quality set of phase data for all significant body waves for use in studies of the structure of the Earth's deep interior, and to improve the infrastructure which supports seismology as a global observational activity. Major activities in the workshop includes presentations on: 1) the scientific rationale for the lSOP. 2) the specific observational activities of the project. 3) the history of phase reporting at Latin American observatories, 4) plans for deploying stations of the Global Telemetered Seismograph Network (GTSN) in South America,S) software for processing digital seismic dala on personal computers, and 6) the broader implications and opportunities of the ISOP project in Latin America.


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