Magnetic data from open-ocean marine surveys are seldom, if ever, corrected for diurnal field variations. It is also characteristic of marine surveys that data are obtained continuously regardless of the occurrence of magnetic storms and disturbances. This is unlike the practice in aeromagnetic surveys, where the plane simply is not flown during disturbances. Moreover, survey ships typically operate quite distant from magnetic observatories or temporary base stations. The questions arise: Can marine magnetics data be significantly improved by directly using nearby base station or observatory data? Can synthetic diurnal variation models be effectively used in lieu of real base station data when such real data are either unavailable, too distant from the survey area, or simply too inconvenient to obtain and process? Can real base station data be projected to some distance after modification using synthetic models of field behavior? Can synthetic data be conveniently modified to accommodate large field disturbances using very distant observatory data?


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