There is software for geological interpretation of potential fields anomalous; it adequately reflects the situation available geology reality and information security. Mathamati- cal construction,composed as enlarged description of situation, with amplified circumstantiality; the scheme contains structuring, cortrolled by regulated parameters; it permits tuning and adaptation to situation & tectonic regime, achievirg a result of high significance. Tre programs package include some unic ones: - Conversion of gravity and magnetic fields (one into another) & correlation in sliding window. - Prediction on the basis of non-linear cross-coupled multifold connections (cryptic regularities of situation). - Structural surface & density distribution & background field joinirg reconstruction involving into account various Iinear and non-linear relations in the medium to compensate lack of observation information. Processirq of material is performed with diverse algorithms dealing a regard to assigned requirements; rationally and thriftilly utilizes calculations means. There are some examples of software application.


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