Geophysical surveys have become increasingly more valuable as a part of the site redevelopment strategy for the USACE. As a result of outdated facilities to include housing, administration and maintenance buildings, many active military installations have undergone recent redevelopment to accommodate returning military personnel and to upgrade existing infrastructure. As part of a collaborative subcontract agreements AMEC has provided geophysical consulting services on several projects at the U.S. Army’s Fort Campbell Military Reservation located near Clarksville, TN. As requested by the USACE, time-domain electromagnetic surveys were performed within 11 proposed redevelopment areas totaling 42 acres to aid in locating potential subsurface utilities, foundations, uncontrolled fill and engineered structures. These features, if encountered, may affect planned future land use and overall site redevelopment plans. This presentation provides a brief background of the application of geophysics to engineering and site redevelopment investigations, the supplemental information they provide to existing site conditions, and its applicability to other environmental and engineering disciplines. The integration of GIS databases with historical aerial imagery and geophysical datasets provide a reliable multifaceted information resource to the USACE redevelopment strategy. Geophysical investigations, when properly integrated and sequenced, can reduce costs, increase margins of safety, improve project efficiency, and enhance subsurface detail.


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