A standard digital file format is very important for effective circulation of geophysical investigation results. The Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan (SEGJ) organized The Digital Standard Format Consortium and proposed a standard digital file format and web database system under the leadership of Public Works Research Institute of Japan (PWRI). The proposed standard digital format is mainly designed for the results of two-dimensional geophysical exploration methods and its format is based on XML. In the format, a two-dimensional geophysical section is represented as polygonal cells that are expressed as nodes and elements. The element is an arbitrary polygon which consists of the nodes. Physical properties are given to each node or element. Each node keeps its location. The file can contain not only geophysical property of a section but also survey line location, visualization parameter, and information about investigation as well. Activity of the Consortium includes 1) the development of a standard XML file format using a node-element model, 2) the development of Windows based graphic software, 3) the development of Web based graphic software, 4) the development of various accompanying software including a format converter supporting a standard XMF file generation, and 5) the collection of existing data and building databases. The establishment of the standard format enables us to store, share and distribute digital geophysical sections on the web. The system is expected to play an important role for the sustainable development of land and for disaster prevention through the nationwide information service on geophysical and geotechnical properties of the near-surfaces of Japan. The format can be used not only for investigations in Japan but also for any other country. We hope that the proposed format triggers the discussion and establishment of an international standard digital file format of geophysical investigations for engineering and environmental problems.


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