Sinop, Turkey was founded at the tip of Cape Boztepe on Sinop Peninsula on the most northern edge of the Black Sea coast.The Balat Church complex in Sinop houses a stratigraphic structure stretching from Roman times to the Ottoman period. These structures include an area that has been systematically used for long periods from the Romans to the Ottoman State on the Black Sea coast of Anatolia. From the early period to the present day since Sinop was built on the same location, it is not easy to discern the urban fabric of different periods. Within the city, the most important archeological finding involving the late Roman and early Byzantium periods, and known in scientific journals and colloquially, is the Balatlar Church or the Mitridates Palace. This site is a cross planned large structure and although there are no remains of the roof of the structure, the 5 to 6 m height walls have remained intact to this day and consist of what may be defined as triangular planned chambers that are inter-connected to each other. Despite the fact that only the outer walls remain standing, remnants or traces of carriers or the grounds of the inner sections of the area surrounded by the walls are not present. The remains of a cistern of four sections attached to each other that is triangularly planned and that is covered with barrel vaults are assumed to be related to this structure.


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