The Mesozoic assigned silicoclastic sediments of Southern Ucayali Basin held, up to now, the most important Gas acumulation in Peru. The integration of surface and sub-surface data provided by recent wells (logs, cores and cutting samples) and 3D seismic acquired in the block 88, allowed to create sequence stratigraphic and reservoir model. Throughout the seismostratigraphic analysis, not less than four third-order depositional sequences were defined in the studied interval. Local and regional unconformities limit these units. A strong tectonic control is identified in the sedimentation of the lower sequences. This tectonic generated NNE-SSW narrow depocenters that contrast with the WNW-ESE predominant orientation of the Tertiary Andean structures. Sedimentary models that allow the prediction of the sandy bodies geometry were constructed. Besides, cores and cutting microscopic analyses also help the identification of the reservoir petrophysical variations. The obtained results give key data to properly characterize the reservoir as flow units and help in definition of future borehole location.


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