The Pleistocene to Recent Magdalena Fan, offshore NW Colombia provides excellent examples of mid to upper slope submarine channels and associated levee complexes. We focus on a single channel levee complex which we identify as the Manga Channel Levee Complex (MCLC). The internal architecture of the MCLC is clearly defined by high quality 3D seismic data recently collected in the area. Four distinct seismic facies are visible, 1) relatively discontinuous groups of chaotic reflections of variable amplitude, 2) thick packages of low amplitude, continuous and converging reflectors, 3) groups of high amplitude, stacked reflectors and, 4) Laterally continuous packages of low to medium strength reflections that drape underlying topography. We interpret these facies to represent chaotic mass transport complexes, levee and overbank silts and shales, channelized conglomerates/sands, and a hemi-pelagic blanket of silts and shales respectively. Processes such as channel establishment, evolution, and abandonment are identified in the dataset.


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