Based on interpretation of the 3D seismic volume which was acquired in Brillante area during 2010 and the evidence supported by biostratigraphic data, log analysis also petrographyc description of some wells located close to Brillante area, our team proposes the probable presence of Cienaga de Oro (CDO) Formation in between Algarrobo and Santa Marta Faults. On the Eastern part of Lower Magdalena Basin (LMB) there are two main faults which are used as reference in this analysis. The first one is the Algarrobo Fault which is the boundary of Brillante structure where the CDO is tested, and the second one is the Santa Marta Fault, which is the limit between LMB and Cesar-Ranchería Basin. CDO Formation is in this area as in the whole LMB, the main reservoir proved; but previous considerations suggest that the Algarrobo Fault is the limit for its deposition. However the information obtained from the wells and the 3D seismic interpretation, referred to amplitudes and seismic characters which are defined features of CDO formation in the western part of the fault, clearly shows a possibility of CDO formation presence in between Algarrobo and Santa Marta Faults due to an excellent correlation of this features in both sides of the fault. This study induces to think in new possibilities for hydrocarbon exploration in this part of the basin, due to the potential presence of the reservoir.


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