The frontal zone of the Eastern Cordillera fold and thrust belt hosts the large fields of Cusiana and Cupiagua that have a long history of production, and as well, there is newer production from thrust sheets to the northeast, in the Recetor, Piedemonte and Niscota blocks (1, 2, 3). The area is structurally complicated and good seismic imaging has proven difficult to obtain in the areas northeast of the Cupiagua-main Recetor structural complex. Effective exploration and development rely on a detailed structural modeling workflow of 2D and 3D balancing, based heavily on well data, in order to achieve a structurally valid 3D seismic interpretation. Drilling based on the resulting 3D structural model has proven successful. The focus of this paper is the structural transition from the main Recetor area to the Piedemonte area. The structural style and trend of the productive and prospective thrust sheets change from the Recetor area to the Piedemonte area. In the main Recetor area, there is one primary producing thrust sheet with limited stacking of the Mirador and other reservoir units. In contrast, from northern Recetor through the Piedemonte area and continuing into the Niscota area there are stacked sheets of the producing reservoirs, with the sheets increasing in number to the northeast, corresponding to increased shortening in the northeastern part of the area in discussion. The overlying Nunchia syncline reflects the change in style and aids in interpretation of the deeper structure. The change in trend and slip direction relates to an area with slight alongstrike shortening, and this component of shortening contributes to development of culminations along strike. The structural modeling has resulted in identification of several opportunities in the area, as well as providing a guide to well planning and reserve estimations.


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