The Valle Superior del Magdalena basin has been an important hydrocarbon producer in the Central region of Colombia. These being one of the most important gas/oil producers in the region, especially the Guadalupe Formations. These being one of the most important gas/oil producers in the region, especially the Guadalupe formations This study presents new developments in logging while drilling (LWD) technology to allow a horizontal well bore horizontal to be accurately placed in difficult targets in Abanico Field. The well was designed as a lateral drain. The objective was to position approximately 300 ft of drain in the Sands of the Guadalupe Lower Formation. The structural map shows some of the complexity of the structure. The planned well is a reverse section, displacing to the North before reversing to displace to the South. The initial displacement to the North takes the well path close and across to differents control well, located in the area. From the contours of the structure map, after reversing South, the path climbs very steeply on to an anticlinal structure, crossing the west flank below the crest and dipping down to the south. The latter part of the trajectory appearing a shallow dip to the South. The GeoSteering and Petrophysical evaluation was made while drilling, enabling PRE (Pacific Rubiales Energy) to effectively manage hole quality, lithology volume, preliminary petrophysical analysis, porosity, permeability and fluid saturation verifying the existence of hydrocarbons in this stage.


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