Intensive research is going on all over the world to gain as thorough a knowledge of different unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs as possible and to aid their modeling.One type of unconventional gas reservoirs is the tight gas reservoir. These are characterisedbyvery low permeability related to gas (μgre l< 0.1 mD), therefore the presence of natural fractures and fracture zones, their identification and description of their orientation are essential for the development of an optimal production concept. The subject of my study was a tight gas reservoir located in a Neogenebasin of East Hungary. Fractures and fracture zones of a reservoir can be identified with different methods and in different scales. Just like in the case of other scientific studies, it is the best way to approach the problem with different methods. In my work fracture zones of the reservoir were identified by post stack attribute analysis, examination of drilling cores and well log interpretation.


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