The quality of the surface seismic imaged data depends on many factors. The images can be very poor if the survey is located in an area characterized by complex overburden and structural setting. In addition, the conventional data acquisition and processing methods may not be adequate to address the challenges posed by the subsurface geology and geophysical complexities. The integrated approach of survey design and modelling, unique acquisition technique, advance data processing workflows can help address these challenges. The case study presented here is one of the first to seamlessly deploy two of the most cutting edge acquisition technologies at the same time: i) circular shooting technique for extending the azimuth sampling and concurrently ii) constant gradient slant cable towing technique, whereby the streamer depths are shallow at the front and deep at the back to exploit the diversity in streamer notches to extend the bandwidth sampling. By doing so, it not only eliminates the need to acquire the survey twice but also enables one to realise the benefits offered by both technologies simultaneously.


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