Seismic inversion for acoustic impedance has been widely practiced in the oil industry and PETRONAS is no exception. However, in order to relate seismic amplitudes to geology, i.e. to lithology and/ or pore fill, it is required to understand all physical factors that influence seismic amplitudes in one way or the other. However, it is possible for us to have success in amplitude study by the study of seismic in Elastic domain. This paper discusses the elastic inversion method and application for lithology and porefill discrimination and challenge in Malay Basin field. The results showing that in the elastic domain, porefill can be discriminated from lithology either in Acoustic Impedance-Shear Impedance domain, Acoustic Impedance-Poisson ratio domain or Shear Impedance-Poisson ratio domain. Elastic inversion into Poisson ratio domain can be used to delineate Gas zone in Malay Basin field.


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